Young Invincibles 'Healthy Young America' Contest
Promote the benefits of the Affordable Care Act to young people.
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I'm not educated enough on Obamacare to take a stance, but I decided to make the video the day before leaving for college - paid off pretty well. (1658 days ago)

Due September 23rd, 2013 - This Fall, many young Americans will have more health insurance options available to them than ever before as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) begins allowing individuals to enroll in new subsidized health insurance plans. Young Invincibles and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services have created a competition that will tap into the creativity and energy of young Americans while raising awareness about the new law and encouraging young people to take advantage of the benefits of health insurance.

With a prize pool worth up to $30,000, and over 100 prizes to be won, this is your opportunity to shine! Cash prizes will be awarded to the creators of the best videos in three distinct categories; so whether you’ve got a talent for short films, writing a great song, or designing an entertaining video infographic, you can be a winner!

Video Themes

  1. You Are Not Invincible: Have you ever heard the myth that young people don’t need health insurance because they won’t use it? Well, it’s actually untrue. This theme seeks 30-90 second videos that display a circumstance in which a young person has had to use health services due to an accident.

  2. Perform a Song!: Want to create the next addictive viral music video? This theme seeks to incorporate the benefits of health insurance into music. Your 30-120 second videos can be original songs, autotuned videos, covers of popular songs, music videos, epic rap battles or other such similar styles.

  3. Animation: Are you good with motion graphics or animation? If so, engage your audience through an educational, heavily stylized video informing young Americans about critical facts about the Affordable Care Act! Videos must be under 3 minutes in length and include motion graphics, infographics, and/or Active Type to deliver the facts (provided at link below).
Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Early Entry Prizes
  * The first 100 qualified entrants will receive a "Stay Healthy" kit, which includes a t-shirt, first aid kit, sun protection kit and water bottle.
  * In addition, the best video submitted by September 2nd will win the "Early Bird Prize" and awarded $1,500!

Finalist Prizes
The top 3 entries for each contest theme will be named Finalists, awarded the following cash prizes, and be eligible for the Grand Prize:
  * First Place - $3,000
  * Second Place - $2,500
  * Third Place - $2,500

Grand Prize
An additional $2,000 Grand Prize award will be go to the best video among the nine finalists and includes an invitation to an announcement event in November.

Open to US residents, 13 and older. Entrants under the age of majority must have their parents/guardians submit on their behalf.

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