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The Naked Grape 'Celebrate the Real You' Contest
Spotlight a person living an authentic and aspirational life.
Staff Pick

Due January 14th, 2014 - You're probably wondering what The Naked Grape is all about? Well, first things first, they're a wine with nothing to hide! Bare it All. Don't worry, they mean that metaphorically.

The Naked Grape believes that in order to make wine that tastes amazing, you've got to focus on what's underneath the skin to reveal the true and unique flavors of each grape. Their winemakers have a simple philosophy: Great Grapes = Great Flavor = Great Wine. They set out to make sure that each bottle of The Naked Grape is crafted to show off the best full and unique fruit expression of each varietal. That's what we mean when we say "Bare it All" - and that's why they think their wines taste so delicious.

The Naked Grape wants you, the filmmaker, to profile interesting, dynamic people that live their passion! These are the kind of people that make the world vibrant with their artistry, desire to engage in social causes, and vision to improve their community in any way possible.

Your Mission
Create videos up to 2 minutes that spotlight a person who lives an authentic and aspirational life. This individual has passion, creativity, and vision! The Naked Grape is looking for profiles of people that will resonate with the millennial generation.

The Naked Grape is looking for compelling, inspiring stories that people will want to share. The tone should not be humorous, scripted/acted or ad-like. These videos are meant to be impactful, documentary style pieces.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Fourth Place through Eleventh Place
$750 each

Open to Zooppa community members (it's free to join!), ages 21 and older.

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