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Magisto Video Editing App Video Contest
Experienced videographers: Push Magisto to the limit!

Due December 3rd, 2013 - Magisto is a video editing platform for iOS, Android and Web that takes your photos and video clips, analyzes them to find the best parts and turns them into professionally edited Movies, complete with music and effects, in minutes - automatically.

The phrase “automatic video editing” often has creatives running for the hills – they know giving up control can be hard. But Magisto invites you to embrace the limitations of their tool. Get creative with preproduction, shot composition, lighting, and videography, and leave the time-consuming editing to them.

Your Mission
Magisto is designed to make video editing so easy that anyone can do it – but you’re not just anyone! You understand composition, lighting, story arcs, and what goes into creating amazing video content. Magisto invites you to use this knowledge to push the limits of their technology to create a collection of exceptional Magisto Movies.

They've recently introduced a new Magisto feature called Public Albums. Public Albums allow users to feature and share a collection of Movies on a specific topic – be it a family vacation, a pet, a sampling of videography or photography work, architecture or anything in between. Your mission is to use the Magisto app to create a Public Album on Magisto’s platform consisting of at least 3 Movies on the topic or theme of your choice.

You can create an account and make Movies using the Magisto iPhone App, Android App or on the web at Magisto.com. Note, however, that you will get the highest quality results if you create your Movies on their Web platform.

You will need to download your finished Movies so that you can upload them to Zooppa. Downloading is a Premium feature so they are providing you with a code to enable you to download Movies for free. Go to Magisto.com > Settings > Redeem coupon and enter the code Zooppa13 for two free months of Magisto Pro.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Client-selected Awards
1st Place - $5,000
2nd Place - $3,000
3rd Place - $1,000

Voter Awards
Community Choice,Zooppa vote - $1,000
Viewer's Choice, album views/follows - $1,000

Open to Zooppa community members (it's free to register!), 14 and older.

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