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Sears Appliances Video Project
Highlight innovative appliance features through humor.
Staff Pick

Due December 2nd, 2013 - Some companies are in the business of innovating products and features made for problems that don’t really exist. Have the electronic cereal dispenser, the wine glass holder necklace, butter glue stick, or the Snuggie made our lives better? True innovation, on the other hand, makes our lives and use of products significantly better. Think about it—we had wheels for +5,000 years and luggage (in one form or another) for about the same. But some genius combined the two and getting through the airport is an exponentially better experience. Simple, right?

Take Sears, for example. The business has tirelessly innovated in the appliance space for the past eight decades. Innovations that solve actual problems, that simplify, and that make our lives better. Sears’ current campaign sheds some light on these new features and they are turning to the Tongal community to help create a digital companion campaign.

Project Objectives
The goal of this project is to create a 30-60 second humorous and entertaining video based on one of the below comical concepts.

Ideas and Videos do NOT have to feature appliances, in fact Sears would prefer if they have nothing to do with appliances. A branded bumper highlighting the relevant feature will be provided. This is your opportunity to freely create a clever and engaging piece of comedy for one of America’s most venerable retailers.

Comical concept: What can go wrong when large things have to fit into small places?

Related feature:  A Dishwasher that has a top rack that easily adjusts up or down to accommodate tall items on the top shelf.
Comical concept: What can go wrong when you are not precise or exact enough?

Related feature:  A Refrigerator that heats water to the exact temperature and dispenses it through the door.
Comical concept: What can go wrong when you try to do two things at the same time?

Related feature:  A freestanding cooking range that has two ovens and can cook two separate full sized meals at the same time, at different temperatures.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Idea Awards (Submissions end 10/14/13)
The THREE winning Idea creators will each receive $250 and a 5% one-time residual payment for every winning Video their Idea is used to generate.

Pitch Awards (Submissions accepted 10/17/13 through 10/21/13)
The THREE most compelling Pitches will be selected and will each receive $1,500 to help create their Videos. Those winners will also be GUARANTEED a winning place in the subsequent Video Phase.

Video Awards (Submissions begin 10/23/13)
First Place - $20,000
Second Place - $10,000
Third Place - $9,000
Fourth Place - $5,750

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), 13 and older.

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