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Slimfast Video Assignment
Slimfast offers women '14 Days To Get What You REALLY Want'.
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Due January 31st, 2014 - Welcome to Slimfast's "14 Days To Get What You REALLY Want" assignment! This year, help Slimfast reach two radical communication goals:

     1) Push Slimfast into the 21st century
     2) Force women’s reappraisal of the brand

They want you to help develop concepts that focus on the JOURNEY - for 14 days, swap two meals a day for Slimfast shakes - as well as messaging that focus on the GOAL - which will be all the mojo you’ll have after 14 days!

The assignment is broken out into 5 creative buckets. You will be free to develop videos for one or multiple buckets. In fact, if you brainstorm a really extensible idea, you are encouraged to submit multiple executions, although it is not mandatory.

Slimfast is guaranteeing 16 video purchases total! 1 from the “Welcome Video” bucket, 14 from the “14 Day Journey” buckets (this is broken out into 3 buckets), and 1 from the “Congratulations Video” bucket. There will be 1 round of edits built into each of the 16 guaranteed purchases, including re-shoots, so please keep that in mind while ideating.

Note: There will also be a script review/feedback opportunity available to you. This is optional. If you would like to submit a script for client review, please upload it by December 8th. The client will provide feedback approximately 1 week after you submit your draft script.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Brand's Choice
Slimfast will select at least 16 videos for purchase. The creator of each video selected for purchase will receive a one-time usage fee of $7,500.

Open to Poptent community members (it's free to join!), ages 18 and older.

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