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RESPECT'in Video Project
Make a French language ad for sustainable agriculture brand RESPECT'
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Due January 6th, 2014 - Does the concept of sustainable agriculture sound familiar to you? Are you sensitive to the origin of the products you find on your plate  and do you care for the environment? Then this project is for you!

Since the 2008 economic crisis, the purchasing power of households has  been continuously declining , forcing more and more families to cut down on expenses (on leisure, health, ... )  , changing the way they consume  and  making them buy more "budget" products In addition, recent food scandals (horse meat, frozen hamburgers contaminated with E . Coli, etc... ) have undermined the trust consumers have in the food industry and have cast some doubts on the quality of products we find on our plates.

What is the impact of the economic and food crisis on what French households eat and consume?

Consumers are becoming more aware of the origin of the products they consume; they want to buy sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Some steps have begun to be made by consumers towards buying more eco-friendly / sustainable products, yet they still do not have enough information about the origin and mode of cultivation of the ingredients in the products they eat.

RESPECT'in is an innovative sustainable agriculture brand, created by a cooperative of cereal producers already engaged in the agriculture of tomorrow. RESPECT'in meets society’s new expectations.

RESPECT'in Farmers base their production on eight commitments, which include: water, soil, food safety, society, energy, biodiversity, waste management and protection of the farmer.

The RESPECT'in approach guarantees the origin and the quality of the plant and grain resources that will end up in our plates, while ensuring to meet consumer demands and the challenges of the world. Thus, all RESPECT'in products containing wheat, barley, canola or corn are guaranteed to have been made with respect for man and the earth.

Now RESPECT'in needs you to show, through engaging videos, the work of brand, its impact and its benefits in the food chain of cereal products: bread, biscuits, breakfast cereals, snack foods and beer.

Note: All videos must be in French, with or without dialogue.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


First Prize
3.500,00 € (approx $4700 USD)

Second Prize
2.500,00 € (approx $3400 USD)

Third Prize
1.500,00 € (approx $2000 USD)

Fourth Prize
1.500,00 € (approx $2000 USD)

Fifth Prize
1.000,00 € (approx $1300 USD)

Open to Userfarm community members (it's free to register), 18 and older.

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