John Frieda 'Your Best Beach Blonde' Video Project
Help launch the John Frieda Beach Blonde collection.
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Due August 11th, 2014 - Can you sense it coming? The glorious stretch between Memorial Day and Labor Day, where that window of magical blonde hair perfection exists. Those few short months when life is as good as it gets. Cruise the convertible down to the beach, smell that first scent of the salt-air, feel the cool sand as you run to greet the surf. Remember spending the entire weekend on the shore, diving in and out of the refreshing waves, and drifting off in the late afternoon sun. Friends, music, coco-flavored drinks, bikinis and maxi skirts. And your blonde hair? Well, it Never. Looks. Better.  Sunrise to sunset, you never do much more than run your fingers through it to shake off the ocean after emerging from the waves. The gentle kiss of the sun, the elixir of the sea, and salt-air are Mother Nature’s perfect brightening and styling tools… a gift to you. 

You love the beach. You dream of an endless summer. And even though those days might be behind you, you still yearn for those perfect locks long after the summer sun has set. So no matter the season, you can still have those same effortless, sun-kissed, tousled, ocean-fresh tresses all year-round. Thanks to John Frieda® Hair Care, the path to your best blonde is all bottled up – that blonde that evokes deep emotional resonance, the one that feels like vacation in a bottle, and brings back whimsical tow-headed childhood memories.

The John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ collection is the only complete regimen to achieve that perfectly imperfect, bright, piecey blonde hair heaven. These four premium products are....

  1. Sea Waves Sea Salt Texture Spray, to create that perfectly imperfect, tousled texture, windswept waves, and piecey dimension that really makes those fresh highlights stand out.
  2. Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo, that brightens and adds texture to every newly-kissed streak.
  3. Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner, restores shine after each wash, and adds texture to prepare the hair to style.
  4. Sun Streaks Lightening Spray, that turns the sun’s rays into blonde highlights.

Project Objectives
The goal of this project is to create a 30 second Video announcing the launch of John Frieda® Beach Blonde™, the only hair care collection that gives blondes the salon-quality products they need to achieve that sexy, beachy-texture and sun-kissed blonde all year-round.  

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Idea Awards (Submissions end 05/21/14)
FOUR winning Idea creators will receive $500 each, and a 5% one-time residual payment for any winning Videos based on their Idea.

Pitch Awards (Submissions accepted 05/28/14 through 06/02/14)
The THREE most compelling Pitches will be awarded $2,500 to help create their Videos. The Pitch Winners will also be GUARANTEED a winning place in the subsequent Video Phase.

Video Awards (Submission begin 06/11/14)
First Place - $20,000
Second Place - $10,000
Third Place - $6,000
Fourth Place - $4,500

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), 13 and older.

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