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Kidsave 'We Are Family' Video Project
Tell a story about the special relationship between kids & parents.
Staff Pick

Due August 27th, 2014 - What’s your favorite memory of your parents from your childhood?

Maybe there was that one time you’ll never forget, or maybe you’re lucky and can’t even choose a favorite, because you have so many contenders. You probably wouldn’t say your favorite memory is “just having parents” – after all, that’s simply the precondition for any memory involving them. But for the thousands of children in foster care and orphanages “just having parents” means the world and makes all the difference. We wouldn't be where or who we are today without our families. 

Enter Kidsave, a nonprofit that works to find permanent, loving families for the older kids that haven’t yet been adopted. Through a variety of programs, Kidsave pairs children from foster homes and orphanages with families on the weekends, during the summers, and through other immersive experiences so that they may bond with loving adults who can provide a better life for them.

Kidsave is turning to Tongal to generate awareness and inspire people to share their own family stories, in hopes that others will realize the how important it is for children to have families, and donate to the organization.

Project Objectives
Create a 90 to 120-second Video that conveys the importance of parental love through a heartwarming or funny story. Please note, your video does not have to be about about a successful adoption story. This is about the special relationship children have with their parents, and how your life has been positively shaped by them. Most importantly, videos should inspire people to contribute to Kidsave.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Story Awards (Submissions end 06/30/14)
THREE winning Story creators will each receive $250 and a 5% one-time residual payment for any winning Videos based on their Story. Payment for a winning Story Submission is contingent upon cooperation with the filmmaker(s) selected to bring the Story to life.  Payment will be made upon completion of the Video phase.  

Pitch Awards (Submissions accepted 07/06/14 through 07/13/14)
The most compelling Pitch will be awarded $2,500 to help create their Video. This Pitch Winner will also be GUARANTEED a winning place in the subsequent Video Phase. If necessary, travel arrangements and expenses to meet or film the Story winner are the responsibility of the Pitch winner.

Video Awards (Submissions begin 07/23/14)
First Place - $7,000
Second Place - $4,750

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), 13 and older.

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