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MeHype "Food and Beverage" Video Contest
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All Ages
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Due June 30th, 2009 - A contest from MeHype to our newest members of the Producer Ranks. As you develop your profile on MeHype.com, you will want to include examples of your previous video work to highlight your current level of skill, creativity and design.

To encourage you to "show us what you got", MeHype will award $1000 to the Producer of the most watched (full views only) Food & Beverage-themed video that highlights the level of capability and professionalism that our members posses to attract future Corporate Sponsors to MeHype.com, for more projects to work on...

These videos should be your most Interesting, Informative or Imaginative content discussing or highlighting an Food & Beverage Brand, Service or Product. Make your own commercial or testimonial. Show the actual product/action in the video.


  1. Video length - :30 seconds to 1:30 minutes long
  2. Content: Video: Food & Beverage Commercials, Testimonial, or Highlight
  3. No Nudity, Foul or Offensive Language, No Violence or Illegal Acts

$1000 cash to the Video Producer that 1.)Registers with MeHype.com as a Producer, 2.) Uploads an Approved Video and 3.) Registers the most views total for all submitted videos in the Food & Beverage category. Prizes will be paid through PayPal account within 15 days of contest results announcement.

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