AT&T Thread 'Be Free' Video Contest
Entertain with a video for AT&T Thread.

Due July 9th, 2015 - AT&T Thread is an online magazine and content platform that provides a new way to experience and connect with AT&T. Thread offers articles with a human voice, from writers who are thinking hard about your life, sharing tips and tricks on how you use and interact with technology, and giving you what you need to relax and enjoy it.

Alongside and within articles, AT&T Thread also connects consumers to relevant products and services that can help simplify their mobile life. AT&T Thread content, including articles, photography, and videos can be syndicated across other AT&T channels.

Your Mission
Create an entertaining and social share-worthy video based on the theme of feeling free. Today’s digital, mobile technology can help us feel more unconstrained and free to explore and discover than ever before. Your video should include a nod to mobile technology (phone or tablet or a digital life in some way). Make us laugh. Make us cry. Create something tied to the theme and let your greatness shine.

Your video should be exciting, playful, hilarious, or inspiring – just make sure it’s tied to the theme of feeling free. How do you express that state of mind? The chosen videos will appear on AT&T Thread late summer/early fall 2015. It could also appear on other AT&T online properties to help drive traffic to Thread. The videos should be interesting and memorable. Be creative and make it fun. What type of video would you share with your friends in social media? Keep in mind it also needs to be family-friendly.

Thought starters: road trips; work from anywhere; what blows your hair back; no wires, no puppets; star in your own 30-second spy thriller; the secret lives of drones; crazy nature caught on smartphone; cityscape rooftop walk….

Video style is up to you: animation, stop motion, infographic, live action, shot by drone, or the animal of your choosing. Selected videos will be featured in an article, inviting readers to see how various filmmakers interpreted the theme of feeling free, unconstrained, and alive in the mobile age, along with a short 50 word statement from the video creator (edited by AT&T Thread's editorial staff).

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Client Awards
First Place - $10,000
Second Place - $7,500
Third Place - $5,000
Fourth Place - $2,500
Fifth Place - $2,000
Sixth Place - $1,500
Seventh Place - $1,000
Eighth Place - $500

Open to Zooppa community members (it's free to join!), ages 14 and older.

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The End
Genre: Drama
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Genre: Any
Due November 27 | 3 days, 23 hours left