'Play FanDuel' Video Contest
Get sports fans to try FanDuel, the leader in one-day fantasy sports

Due July 14th, 2015 - FanDuel is the leader in one-day fantasy sports for real money with immediate cash payouts and no season-long commitments. Founded in 2009, FanDuel pioneered the daily fantasy sports tournament format, which has now developed into the most exciting and fastest growing area of fantasy sports. FanDuel offers players the choice of four contest types and as many as 283,000 different tournaments every week spanning the 2014 NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, College Football and College Basketball seasons. With over 903,000 winners paid out over $710MM to-date and 70% market share in the daily fantasy sports (DFS) category, FanDuel has created and dominates the category.

It’s estimated that the category will grow to $31billion in player entry fees by 2020. The novelty of the newness of daily fantasy has worn off as the format has become more mainstream with more and more people choosing daily fantasy sports as THE way to play.

Football is by far the most important season for FanDuel to acquire new customers. The goal of this year’s NFL video spots is to to drive awareness and new player paid sign-ups. Actual customer testimonials have proven to be a valuable component of our TV advertisements but the brand wants to consider new creative ideas to effectively communicate FanDuel to sports fans.

FanDuel is a direct response advertiser and as such, they are looking for creative that works hard to drive conversions. While they want to continue to build the brand, it’s very important that these videos work hard to deliver new users to sign up.

Your Mission
FanDuel is your place for One-Day Fantasy Football where over $1 billion will be paid out this season. Your mission is to create a 30 second video that shares the excitement of participating in one-day fantasy sports with FanDuel. Your video should show how FanDuel makes the fan experience exciting and enjoyable. The objective of the video is to drive new viewers to FanDuel.com to create an account, deposit money into their account, and begin entering contests.

The ads should:
  * Educate the viewer about daily fantasy sports leagues
  * Explain how FanDuel works (product flow – desktop/app and game of skill)
  * Appeal to the fantasy novice and the expert
  * Give viewers an incentive to join with a very strong CTA
  * Focus on how FanDuel makes watching games more exciting.
  * Position FanDuel as the industry leader
  * Match the look and feel of website/app

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Client Awards
First Place - $10,000
Second Place - $5,000
Third Place - $2,500
Fourth Place - $1,500
Fifth Place - $1,000

Open to Zooppa community members (it's free to join!), ages 14 and older.

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