Crayola 'Creative Possibilities' Video Contest
Showcase one of three brand-new Crayola products.
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Due August 20th, 2015 - Crayola has inspired artistic creativity in children young and old for more than 100 years – since the first box of Crayola Crayons rolled off the assembly line in 1903.

Whether it’s providing tools to put a purple octopus on the moon, or enabling parents to bring arts-infused learning into the home, Crayola is passionate about helping to ignite an appreciation for creativity that continues throughout peoples’ lives. They believe that with a little bit of passion and a whole lot of imagination, creative expression can truly be extraordinary.

Crayola wants you to have a lot of fun with this project and really roll up your sleeves to capture creativity like never before with a show and tell of innovative ways to use three SOON TO BE LAUNCHED Crayola products! You’re getting a holiday sneak peak or insider's view of these products – so let it be you, your daughter, son, granddaughter, neighbor, classmates, nephew, teachers, or anyone willing to have a little fun and show off their creative skill. You have absolute creative freedom as to what you create with the products!

Your Mission
Create a video (up to 2 minutes in length), showing adults and/or children using one or all three of the Crayola products (explained below) to make innovative and never before seen Crayola creations. If you choose to submit a video (s), please don’t use all three products in the same video – one product per video.

Crayola doesn't want to see the typical things kids create when using each of these products – so think outside of the crayon box and show your own tips, tricks & techniques for using these products! In what imaginative ways can the products be used to create something that intrigues, inspires, and excites the creative person in us all? Show the artist in action as they use the products to create; however, the emphasis is on their marvelous artwork and creation.

Parents and better yet kids can be the creators together or separately and you can show the video in a fun and creative style that captures the excitement of the activity - interview, animation, docu-style, in-home / school activity, teaching kids how to, kids working together…let your creativity be your guide!

As a guide for the video, 30% should focus on how the "How To"= how the product works and the other 70% of the focus should capture all your original and unique custom creative outputs – including tips, tricks and, if applicable, a “How To” voiceover.

Filmmakers can choose to create a video for all three products or only one product (one video per product). Interested creators may request to receive Crayola product(s) to use in your shoot. More info at link below.

The Products
1.) Crayola Thread Wrapper – A battery-operated tool that allows kids to personalize their favorite accessories with thread.

2.) Crayola Crayon Carver – This cool new toy enables kids to safely carve names, hashtags and messages into your Crayola crayon.

3.) Crayola Cling Creator – By using a two-part liquid that turns into silicon, you can mold and form your favorite shapes. C

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Client Video Awards
First Place - $7,500
Second Place - $4,500
Third Place - $3,000
Fourth Place - $2,000
Fifth Place - $1,250
Sixth Place - $1,000
Seventh Place - $750
Eighth Place - $500

Open to Zooppa community members (it's free to join!), ages 14 and older.

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Tyler W
Fort Myers, FL
This project is pretty awesome and seems fun. No entries have been submitted at this time, so there is a fair chance of winning. There is 2 months to go. (1174 days ago.)
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