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ASMF 'Sleep Story' 2016 High School Video Contest
Students, help shine a light on the effects of sleep problems.
$500 for you, $500 for your school

Due February 29th, 2016 - Sleep problems affect an estimated 70 million people in the U.S. each year. Bouts of insomnia due to stress, interrupted sleep due to late-night use of electronic devices, sleep apnea due to weight gain – these are all real problems that are becoming more prevalent in society.

As a student, you know how the demands of school work, extracurricular activities and your social life affect your sleep. What you might not know is the effect sleep has on your relationships, grades and overall health. Sleep problems can lead to poor performance in the classroom, cause strain in relationships and also contribute to other serious medical issues like diabetes and heart disease.

Sleep has an impact on every aspect of your life, and everyone has a story about sleep. The American Sleep Medicine Foundation is issuing a nationwide creative challenge to young filmmakers: Tell a sleep story to help us shine a light on the effects of sleep problems.

Here’s your chance to creatively tell a story about the importance of sleep and to win $500 for you and $500 for your school. The best videos will be used to educate the public about sleep.

To enter, create a Sleep Story video that highlights the importance of sleep and is between 30 seconds and two minutes in length.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Grand Prize
$1,000 Split evenly between you and your school

First Runner-Up
$500 Split evenly between you and your school

Second Runner-Up
$250 Split evenly between you and your school

Open to students enrolled in an accredited high school in the United States at the time of entry.

View Full Contest Details
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