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Show the power of the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum.
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Due April 12th, 2016 - SharkNinja - a pioneer in small household appliances and cleaning solutions - is currently seeking innovative filmmakers to help tell the story of their revolutionary vacuum.

Despite their wide range of smart cleaning solutions, this Shark project is focused on the Rotator® Powered Lift-Away® Speed vacuum – their lightest, most compact Powered Lift-Away ever. What can this vacuum do that most upright vacuums can’t?

Benefits of the PLA Speed:
  * Easy to use! The speed makes it quick to clean with fingertip controls – transition to PLA Mode with the push of one button
  * Deep Carpet Cleaning – powered brush. Shark’s Powered Lift-Away technology® maintains power to the spinning brush head even when you remove its canister.
  * Amazing maneuverability and never loses suction, no matter what mode you are in

Shark’s lightest and most compact product with this powerful technology is the Rotator® Powered Lift-Away Speed. They took the Powered Lift-Away technology and its ability to go where other vacuums don’t, and shrunk it down into a more compact, lightweight vacuum with the same deep cleaning power.

Your Mission
The Shark® Rotator® Powered Lift-Away Speed is decidedly smaller than its sister vacuum. But that doesn’t mean it skimps on power and suction. Which is why the theme for this project is "The Next Big Thing is Small."

In a :15 - :30 second video, show how small things have made a big impact that tell the story of the Shark Rotator Speed.

How might you showcase this story beyond simply showing the performance of the vacuum? It's up to you and your creative know-how to decide how to bring this to life.

The brand is open to (but certainly not tied to the concept of) life analogies of small, yet very powerful things throughout the home. Your little sound bar speaker that is the size of a drinking glass, but is able to fill the whole house with music to inspire serious dance moves? How about the little sports car in the garage that looks like it’s a trophy on showcase, but actually holds the power of a tank that could take first place at any race track?

Ultimately, Shark consumers and fans should understand that just because the vacuum is smaller and more lightweight than its more well-known sister and competitor’s products, does not mean inferior performance.

Note: Zooppa has a limited quantity (100) of Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuums available for interested creators to use in their videos. Pledge now for your chance to receive yours (a $299 value). Upon completion of your videos, these vacuums are for you to keep! Any pledgers who do not submit videos by the deadline must return the vacuum to Shark in its original condition.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Client Awards
First Place - $8,000
Second Place - $5,500
Third Place - $4,000
Fourth Place - $3,000
Fifth Place - $2,000
Sixth place - $1,500
Seventh Place - $1,000

Open to Zooppa community members (it's free to join!), who are US residents ages 14 and older.

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