The Next Great Animated Series Project
Do you have an idea for an Animated Series?

Due December 14th, 2016 - Tongal presents, in partnership with Project Greenlight Digital Studios, an animation incubator to develop the #NextGreatAnimatedSeries with YOU! Submit your Pitch now for the opportunity to get the greenlight on your Animated Pilot.

Project Greenlight Digital Studios and Tongal, two great filmmaking communities on a similar mission — to bring fresh, creative stories into the world by empowering undiscovered talent — are joining forces to find the #NextGreatAnimatedSeries. Together, they’re seeking original ideas for an Animated Series that will be co-developed, produced, and marketed for distribution with YOU. They're looking for unforgettable characters, fun conflict, compelling storylines, engaging worlds, and clever points of view.

The goal of this project is for one Winning Creator to get the greenlight to produce an 11-minute Pilot for the #NextGreatAnimatedSeries. This is a special project and differs from the traditional Tongal model. It will be split into six Phases.

Here’s a quick breakdown:
 - Phase 1: Pitch (OPEN TO ALL) 11/16 - 12/14
 - Phase 2: Fan Voting on Pitches (OPEN TO ALL) 1/4 - 1/18
 - Phase 3: Proof of Concept (OPEN TO FIVE PITCH WINNERS) 1/23 - 2/27
 - Phase 4: Fan Voting on Proofs of Concept (OPEN TO ALL) March TBD- 4/3
 - Phase 5: Pre-Production (OPEN TO PROOF OF CONCEPT WINNER) 4/5 - 5/17
 - Phase 6: Pilot Production (OPEN TO PROOF OF CONCEPT WINNER) 5/17 - 8/23

Do you have the next Family Guy, Dora the Explorer, Robot Chicken, or Tumble Leaf in you? Show your creativity. Share your original voice. Submit your Pitch now! (P.S. — Tom & Jerry’s original names were Jasper & Jinx!)

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Pitch Awards (Submissions accepted 11/15/16 through 12/14/16)
The five most compelling Pitches will be awarded $2,500 to create their Videos. The Pitch Winner will also be GUARANTEED a winning place in the subsequent Video Phase.

Proof of Concept (Open to pitch winners from 1/23/17 through 2/27/17)
Tongal will announce the five Pitch Winners, who will then create a Proof of Concept in the form of an Animation Test or Sizzle Reel. These five Pitch Winners will also be required to create a Pilot Script and a Series Bible. The five Proof of Concept winners will each receive a total of $2,500.

Pre-Production Phase (Open to Proof of Concept winner, due 5/17/17)
The one Proof of Concept Winner will be given $70,000 to create an 11-minute Animated Pilot. The purpose of this Pre-Production Phase is for all parties to get on the same page before Production. The Sponsors will require the following approvals BEFORE moving forward into Pilot Production:

Video Awards (Open only to Pitch winner, due 7/12/17)
The one Proof of Concept Winner will be given $70,000 to create an 11-minute Animated Pilot. The goal is for Tongal and Project Greenlight Digital Studios to co-develop, produce, and market this Pilot for distribution with you, the Creator, in the hope that it will get the greenlight to Series.

Video Phase Payout Delivery Schedule:
 -Upon execution of Contract: $3,500
 -Upon approval of Script: $7,000
 -Upon approval of Character Art / Creation: $7,000
 -Upon approval of Storyboards: $7,000
 -Upon approval of Voice Cast: $7,000
 -Upon approval of Audio Play / VO Recording: $14,000
 -Upon approval of Animatic / Rough Cut: $14,000
 -Upon approval of Final Cut: $7,000
 -Upon acceptance of Full Delivery: $3,500

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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