Simply Saline Video Project
Come up with a brilliant new tagline for Simply Saline.

Due December 30th, 2016 - There is not one person on this planet that enjoys nasal congestion. Not one. Whether it’s a cold, the flu, or allergies, or just someone’s dusty attic, we all have to deal with congestion at some point. So what do we do? We fight the root causes with antihistamines and decongestants, hot soups, hot showers, and herbals teas, maybe some good old-fashioned “rest” – and then we hope and pray that the congestion goes away … eventually… because we’re too busy to have to deal with it!

It doesn’t have to be this way though, because there’s a simple way to get instant relief from nasal congestion itself, and most of us just don’t know it - Simply Saline. It’s a safe and drug-free nasal spray, and you can use it by itself, or you can use it with other medicines.

Overall awareness of Simply Saline is low. When it comes to nasal congestion, most consumers have resigned themselves to the fact that they just have to deal with their suffering. That sucks, so shake consumers out of their stupor and drive awareness of Simply Saline by focusing on two key usage occasions – which are:

As a complementary care solution for Allergy sufferers:
People with allergies suffer year round, so they can be heavy users of nasal sprays. The great benefit of using a drug-free spray like Simply Saline is that you can use it anytime, as often as needed, without any side effects, and with oral allergy medication. Medicine has dosage requirements and sometimes people feel symptoms before they can take their next dose. Simply Saline helps to provide instant relief in between doses.

For Nighttime congestion:
People with colds and allergies often complain that their nasal congestion gets worse at night. In fact, “better sleep” was a claim that rose to the top for many consumers. Simply Saline is great to take before bedtime to help clear nasal congestion, so you can breathe easier and sleep better, without any day-after effect. It also helps to reduce snoring.

The goal of this project is to create a brilliant new tagline for Simply Saline, and produce a suite of unique content, with two 15-second Videos, each with it’s own 6-second cut-down and 10 photo stills designed for Facebook, which shows consumers that Simply Saline is a great solution for instant nasal congestion relief.

The tagline should be your first focus – Ideators! – as they’re looking to update their current tagline, “Feel better simply.” For the tagline, do something that gets at the simplicity of the product, and captures the sentiment that Simply Saline is a dependable friend that you can count on to tell you like it is and give you an honest and uncomplicated solution. Make it short, make it stick, make it matter. You have 140 characters to work with – but you certainly don’t have to use all of them - and however many characters you use, make sure each one counts!

For the Videos, consumers should feel similarly. Simply Saline gets it. Nasal congestion sucks, whether it’s about your allergies or trying to breathe so you can get some sleep at night, but there’s a simple, worry-free solution. Think about the two usage occasions (as a complementary care for allergy sufferers, and for nighttime congestion), and don’t forget that you’ve only got 15 seconds to tell your story. Your Videos should feel authentic, like a “peer to peer” conversation, as opposed to something that feels like it comes from a doctor talking down to you. It’s okay to be lighthearted or funny, as long as it’s in a relatable way.

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Idea Awards (Submissions accepted 12/09/16 through 12/14/16)
The winning Idea creators will each receive $500 each. There are no residuals for this project.
  *Tagline (REQUIRED): 140 character or less. Remember, a Tagline should be a short, memorable slogan or phrase that gets the thought across without a lot of explanation.
  *Text (REQUIRED): 140 characters or less that conveys your Idea

Pitch Awards (Submissions accepted 12/22/16 through 12/30/16)
The most compelling Pitches will be awarded $18,000 to create their Video. The Pitch Winner will also be GUARANTEED a winning place in the subsequent Video Phase.

Pre-Production Phase (Open to Pitch winner, due 1/13/17)
This project includes a Pre-Production Phase before the Video Phase. This means you will be required to submit certain items for Approval before you are able to move into Video Phase. The Approval items for this project are:

Video Awards (Open only to Pitch winner, due 1/31/17)
Once the Pre-Production Phase is complete, the Pitch Winner will create two 15-second Videos, each with a 6-second cutdown, and 10 photo stills per video, based upon their winning Pitch. Winners of the Video Phase will earn $25,000. There are no residuals in this project.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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