Eko & Virgin Interactive Storytelling Contest
Get your interactive series a grant of $20,000!
$20,000 grant for show creation
All Ages

Due January 20th, 2017 - Eko and Virgin Produced are partnering to search for emotionally compelling and innovative ideas. At least one submission will be awarded a $20,000 cash grant to fund the first two episodes of an interactive series. This production grant offers a rare chance for filmmakers, writers, game designers, developers or anyone with a vision for a story that can only be told in a “non-linear” and interactive fashion. These stories can be built on Interlude’s groundbreaking platform, Eko Studio, and selected projects will be co-distributed on Eko’s and Virgin Produced’s multiple networks.

They are looking for serialized content that pushes the boundaries of storytelling. In addition to serialization, they want inherent interactivity. The interactive mechanic - the choices, the structure, the user experience - must be a driving force to the story. The concept has to demand to be interactive for it to work. A simple test for strong interactivity is to ask whether choices - every single click - enhance the viewer’s experience. People need to feel like their choices make a difference.

The tone should be reflective of both Virgin Produced and Eko. The shared DNA is rooted in elevated, innovative, and inspirational content. Smart, cheeky, and witty, without being pretentious. Provocative and bold, without being alienating or offensive. Flip an idea on its head and showcase it from an unconventional lens. Looking at scripted and unscripted series, and open to genres across the board but they need to be tonally on-brand.

The target audience is people who understand and appreciate innovative entertainment. People who are eager to create a new kind of storytelling. Individuals who don’t want to passively watch but want to actively shape their stories.

Each episode should be approximately 5 minutes in length.

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Grand Prize Winner:
$20,000 cash grant to fund the first two episodes of an interactive series.

Open worldwide.

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