Suzuki 'AllGrip for all People' Video Contest
Show the emotional benefit of driving a Suzuki ALLGRIP car.
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Due February 12th, 2017 - Most of the car advertising today has a focus on the emotion/feeling associated with it. The joy, happiness, and adrenaline associated with the car are depicted in the most fun and interesting ways. They do not necessarily show the car being driven or the functional benefits, but the focus is on creating stories around the emotional feelings associated with a car.

Suzuki is a global manufacturer of cars and SUVs and have their own 4WD (4-wheel-drive) technology called ALLGRIP. You can know more about ALLGRIP by visiting the website - http://www.globalsuzuki.com/allgrip/. What they bring to the table through their ALLGRIP equipped cars is peace of mind, excitement and the ability to go beyond. Focus on the emotional benefits associated with driving a Suzuki car with ALLGRIP and move away from dull, boring product demonstrations.

To increase awareness of ALLGRIP, come up with a video which gives a twist and brings to life the emotional benefits of driving a Suzuki car with ALLGRIP. One of the primary benefits of driving Suzuki ALLGRIP car is peace of mind. Please look at exploring this theme with your own unique twist.

Peace of Mind – ALLGRIP gives you peace of mind to drive on any surface and under any driving conditions. It gives you the confidence you need to drive with your spirits high. You have a reassuring partner who is always at your side.

Besides peace of mind, you may also look at choosing other two primary benefits to show the emotional impact of driving a Suzuki ALLGRIP car – Excitement / Go Beyond.

Excitement – With ALLGRIP, you can change any situation into an exciting and pleasurable one. It gives you the freedom to drive on winding roads, rough terrain, in downpours and even in snowy conditions. It gives you the confidence to take charge of the wheel for an exciting drive. You can be more active and feel the freedom and fun.

Go Beyond – New adventures are full of excitement. But some challenges may be difficult to conquer. With ALLGRIP as your trusted partner, you can have the confidence to drive forward. Hand in hand, go beyond, to a broader horizon.

Create your own unique twist to these themes if you choose them. You do not have to explain what ALLGRIP means in your video. Please look at approaching this idea in the most creative and fun way possible. Make your video to help us move away from ‘standard technical product demonstrations’ to the ‘emotional experience of driving a car’.

This should be for all drivers, not just to excite just 4WD drivers, or those who are interested in 4WD, but also consumers who may not be aware of 4WD and ALLGRIP. Young men and women who might be single or married. They are dynamic, energetic, outspoken and open-minded. They always have the spirit of fun and adventure in them and are always open to explore. Keep this in mind when deciding your cast and characters.

Entries should be no longer than 45 seconds in length.

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#1 Prize:
€7,000 (aprox $7,300 USD)

#2 Prize:
€5,000 (aprox $5,200 USD)

#3 Prize:
€3,000 (aprox $3,100 USD)

Open to all Eyeka community members (it's free to register!). Entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to participate.

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