ZoOSh 'Makes Anything Interesting' Video Contest
ZoOSh turns boring food into something more interesting.

Due February 12th, 2017 - ZoOSh is a salad dressing, dip and mayonnaise brand from Australia. If you love fresh food but think it’s often boring and predictable, ZoOSh is THE brand you need. Its unique, creative flavor combinations will unlock pleasure in your fresh food and make you feel more adventurous. For a picnic lunch, a barbeque dinner or any other outdoor entertaining occasions, ZoOSh is the ideal partner to bring fun into your salad, meat & sandwiches and makes you do the ‘Yummy Face’.

ZoOSh needs your help again. They loved the video you made last year and want to challenge you again to come up with a cheeky, honest and fun video which will focus on events where ZoOSh and food is integral and through its creative flavor combinations, ZoOSh makes salads, meat, burgers, sandwiches even more interesting, making you do the ‘Yummy Face’. They want your cheeky, honest and fun video to reinterpret the Yummy Face TVC and show the world why ZoOSh is the ideal partner to add fun to your salads, meat, burgers and sandwiches.

Through a cheeky, honest and fun video, show how ZoOSh makes food more interesting and makes people do the ‘Yummy Face’. ‘Yummy Face’ is a cheeky and fun TVC created by ZoOSh where people are making funny faces and have crazy reactions after topping their food with Zoosh dressings and mayonnaise. Do your own interpretation of ‘Yummy Face’ and with a lot of cheekiness and fun, show us how ZoOSh transforms boring food into something more exciting.

Please keep the situation in a summer setting, it could be both indoors or outdoors. Your video should be bright and summery (the lighting choice or clothes). Also consider how you can link the situations with key seasonal occasions (e.g. Australia Day, footy finals, spring racing carnival & Christmas – yes Australia has a summery Christmas J). ZoOSh has a cheeky personality, it’s not taking a dig at someone but is having a bit of honest fun. Whilst it’s not a ‘dumb blonde’, it doesn’t take itself too seriously either. Keep this in mind when setting the tone of your video and choosing the situation/cast.

Entries should be between 15 to 30 seconds in length.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


#1 Prize:
€12,000 (aprox $12,600 USD)

#2 Prize:
€6,000 (aprox $6,300 USD)

#3 Prize:
€2,000 (aprox $2,100 USD)

Open to all Eyeka community members (it's free to register!). Entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to participate.

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