Hot Wheels 'Sidewalk Speedway' Series Project
Create a 6 episode YouTube Series for Hot Wheels!

Due March 7th, 2017 - Pitch your take on turning Sidewalk Speedway into a 6 episode YouTube Series for Hot Wheels! Your Series should feature epic track builds and genuine character interactions in a repeatable format that is easily identifiable with boys ages 8 to 10 and should be engaging and understandable for Boys 5 to 7 as well.

For 50 years, Hot Wheels has inspired generations of boys to push the limits of their imagination, and more importantly, to have the resilience to overcome any challenge that gets in their way. Hot Wheels is more than just a toy; it’s a purpose-built, jumping, crashing, flying, speed machine racing through a world without limits. A place where the only failure is not trying and success is measured in high-fives, jumped dragons and OMGs. A place where young minds discover that limits are meant to be challenged, not obeyed. This is a vehicle for self-expression and self-confidence. This is the power of play. Supercharged. This is fun, not formulas. This is the original stunt brand.

Sidewalk Speedway is the epic Tongal produced video where an older brother surprises his younger brother and friends with a larger-than-life Hot Wheels custom built track. You are not required to emulate this exact scenario. The key elements they want to maintain are a surprise taking place with an elaborate track build in a place you wouldn’t necessarily expect it, and plenty of Hot Wheels action taking place on these one of a kind tracks. Also, think about ways to show competition throughout the Series or within individual episodes.

The primary objective is to create an entertaining and epic Hot Wheels focused Sidewalk Speedway Series for YouTube that is exciting, thrilling, and cool.

Your Series Concept should include the following:
   *TONE: Hot Wheels is all about having fun and the limitless opportunity to play with die cast cars— action, racing and stunts should be featured. Episodes should feel cool and exciting with an element of surprise. Experimentation is a key factor in each episode, where failure can sometimes be celebrated as a win. Performer interactions should feel real and genuine.

   *STORY: Episodes should be set up in a repeatable format. Each episode should feature a Master Track Builder character working with a team to build a huge track that will surprise a Hot Wheels fan (10 or younger). The episodes should include an epic in size track build, the element of surprise, and a unique location. Consider ways to introduce and feature specific types of Hot Wheels in each episode.

   *CHARACTER: Open to all ideas, but ideally every episode features a Master Track Builder character who can serve as a Hot Wheels expert, who is relatable and fun.

   *AUDIENCE: Pitches should be engaging to Boys ages 8 to 10, and should be engaging and understandable for Boys 5 to 7 as well.

   *FORMAT: Live-Action. Series Formats should be repeatable and allow for new products to be featured in every episode.

   *MUSIC: Consider music that will enhance the Video experience. How will you effectively use music to tell stories, and elevate the action?

   *PRODUCT: Hot Wheels will be providing the product. The brand will have mandated products for each episode which will be provided ahead of time to the Pitch winner.

   *CUTTING ROOM FLOOR: Here’s what you should avoid in your Pitches—talking cars with animated mouths, overly expensive stunts, licensed vehicles (i.e. Batmobile), adult themes and children in danger.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Pitch Awards (Submissions accepted through 3/7/17)
The single most compelling Pitch will be selected and, upon submitting the Winner’s Affidavit and the IP Assignment, will receive $30,000 to help create the Video. Additionally, upon submitting a Video that satisfies the criteria laid out in your winning Pitch, the Pitch winner will also be GUARANTEED a winning place in the subsequent Video Phase.

Pre-Production Phase (Open to Pitch winner, due 3/30/17)
This project includes a Pre-Production Phase before the Video Phase. This means you will be required to submit certain items for Approval before you are able to move into Video Phase.

The Approval items for this project are:

Video (Open only to Pitch winner, due 4/28/17)
Once the Pre-Production Phase is complete, the Pitch Winner will create six 2-minute Videos, Six 15-second trailers, 30 still photos (5 per episode), based upon their winning Pitch. Winners of the Video Phase will earn $30,000.

Revisions (Open only to Pitch winner, due 5/18/17)
Once the Video Phase has closed, the winning submitter will enter the Revisions Phase. During this phase, the filmmaker will perform reasonable edits on their Video according to the Sponsor’s feedback. Once the Video is finalized, the winner will be announced.

Open to US residents that are Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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