all® OXI Video Project
Show how all® OXI as the superior over competitor detergents.

Due March 23rd, 2017 - Create a 30-second video that identifies all® OXI as the SUPERIOR detergent over a specific competitor and the best choice for families when it comes to getting rid of tough kids stains.

It’s important to parents to teach their kids to try anything and explore new things. Parents know that even the failures are rewarding because trying new things is an opportunity for their kids to learn and grow. They want their kids to feel good about jumping in rather than standing on the sidelines.

all® fully embodies this notion, with their quality detergent that gives parents the confidence to encourage their kids to go all in, because they can depend on ‘all to clean up the mess.’ all has been a consistent source of confidence in the lives of families everywhere for 50 years now. It is the superior product that parents depend on for getting rid of tough kid stains including grass, grape juice, baseball clay, and chocolate ice cream!

Now all® OXI is asking the Tongal community to create a 30-second digital spot that will communicate its superiority in cleaning kids’ stains over a specific competitor in a way that is highly compelling to families with kids.

Project Objectives
The goal of this project is to come up with a compelling and convincing 30-second video that helps all® OXI detergent STAND OUT and that recognizes its SUPERIORITY over Competitor X. That’s right. An anonymous Competitor X. This is a call to arms to all Tongalers! all® OXI is going after Competitor X (who shall remain nameless unless you are selected as the Pitch winner).

Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box with this one. They are not looking for your typical side by side product comparison or stock family imagery. The objective is to clearly convey that all® OXI is better than Competitor X – in whatever way YOU think is most resonating and persuasive for families with kids. The focus should be on kid stains, with the hero being grass stains.

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Concept Awards (Submissions accepted through 3/6/17)
Share your Concept for the objective in 250 characters or less. Remember, an idea is not a detailed script; it is a spark of inspiration or a distillation of what will happen in the video. As always, Concepts should be clever and engaging. The winning Concept creators will receive $500 each.

Pitch Awards (Submissions accepted through 3/23/17)
The most compelling Pitch will be selected and, upon submitting the Winner’s Affidavit and the IP Assignment, will receive $16,000 to help create the Video. Additionally, upon submitting a Video that satisfies the criteria laid out in your winning Pitch, the Pitch winner will also be GUARANTEED a winning place in the subsequent Video Phase.

Pre-Production Phase (Open to Pitch winner, due 4/19/17)
This project includes a Pre-Production Phase before the Video Phase. This means you will be required to submit certain items for Approval before you are able to move into Video Phase.

The Approval items for this project are:

Video (Open only to Pitch winner, due 5/12/17)
Once the Pre-Production Phase is complete, the Pitch Winner will create a 30-second Video, with a 15-second cut-down based upon their winning Pitch. The 30-second video, 15-second cut-down, five still images and one 2D end-card/bumper are all due at the close of the Video Phase. The winner of the Video Phase will earn an additional $25,000.

Once the Video Phase has closed, the winning submitter will enter the Revisions Phase. During this phase, the filmmaker will perform reasonable edits on their Videos according to the Sponsor’s feedback. Once the Videos are finalized, and the winner will be announced.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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