Baci Perugina 'Christmas Holiday' Project
Bacio Perugina pralines are 'a joy to give, a pleasure to receive'.
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Due May 11th, 2017 - Baci Perugina, the famous brand of chocolate pralines, wants to find a new and fresh way to communicate… for Christmas! Baci Perugina is an icon of Valentine’s day, but it is also a perfect expression of love and friendship, which can be shared by friends, colleagues and family, not just by lovers - and not just on Valentine’s day!

“A joy to give, a pleasure to receive” What better moment than Christmas to show what we feel for our loved ones and those special to us?

There are thousands of way to express your feelings, but one way in particular is a joy to give and a pleasure to receive! Yes, a Bacio Perugina chocolate praline is ideal to help us express - in one single, simple act - just what we would like to say to our loved ones.

Show in your video this particular Baci Perugina characteristic “A joy to give, a pleasure to receive”.

Christmas is that time of the year when we show the care we have for our loved ones - and for ourselves. You feel the importance of being together, of expressing our feelings, and you want to do this in a simple but remarkable way. With Baci Perugina it is possible - in the simplest and most genuine way.

For your best friend who knows everything about you; for your father who always thinks of you as a kid; for your colleague, always there to fix your problems; for your neighbours who listen without complaining to your children’s songs; or even for yourself.

For everyone it is “A joy to give, a pleasure to receive!” Your video should show all of this, without forgetting the uniqueness of the product (the whole hazelnut, the pure black chocolate, the gianduia cream, the message inside each praline).

Your video must be moving, portraying Christmas warmth and showing the Bacio Perugina and the moment of eating it. Please do not focus only on couples.

Entries should be between 15 seconds to 45 seconds in length.

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1st Selected Video:
€10,000 (approx $10,700 USD)

2nd - 3rd Selected Video:
€5,000 (approx $5,300 USD)

4th Selected Video:
€3,000 (approx $3,200 USD)

5th Selected Video:
€2,000 (approx $2,100 USD)

Open to Userfarm community members (it's free to register), ages 18 and older.

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