Dole Fruit Smoothie Video Contest
Show how Dole Smoothies are the secret weapon for beauty.

Due May 14th, 2017 - Imagine 40-year-old Kasumi, she lives in Tokyo and is always running between her personal life and office job. She’s very motivated to make a mark for herself and at the same time, is extremely concerned about her health, looks and weight. As a result, she’s always watching what she eats. She represents Japanese women who are obsessed with their health, wellness and beauty and their diet choices reflect this.

Fruits are a part of her diet as she believes variety of fruits have different benefits and overall, fruits represent good health, beauty and vitality to her. It’s one of the best ways for her to consume something which is delicious and healthy at the same time. But it’s not always possible to carry fruits with her as she has a hectic lifestyle and it becomes inconvenient when on the go.

Dole is a popular global brand of fresh fruits and smoothies and is also available in Japan. They believe in creating beauty and vitality through their fresh products. Dole fruit smoothies are a way for women to carry the goodness and benefits of fruit packed in a convenient bottled format.

Dole wants your help in convincing Kasumi that with Dole smoothies, she can carry the power of beauty with her wherever, whenever, with a very tasty, healthy and natural beverage. It’s like a secret beauty weapon for her to carry around!

Create a vibrant and positive video to convince women like Kasumi that Dole Smoothies is the secret weapon to carry the power of beauty with her.

Show how Dole smoothies empowers women to carry the power of beauty with them wherever, whenever, with a very tasty, healthy and natural beverage. This way, Dole smoothies is a secret weapon which will help them unlock the power of their inner beauty.

Dole smoothies have a thick texture from fruit pulp and fruit fiber with no artificial flavors, preservatives, colors and sweeteners. They give 1 day’s dosage of Vitamin C in an easy to carry and use bottle. To show this, you may not have access to the Dole smoothie product, so you can look at depicting the product, its texture and benefits to beauty in a creative and out-of-the-box way.

Your video could be both, shot or animated. When choosing the cast for your video, please focus on women but you don’t necessarily have to show Japanese women. Remember that you are talking to 40-50-year-old women, who aspire to be 20! Keep this in mind when deciding the cast for your video.

In your videos, you cannot use real fruit pieces, cut fruit or juices dripping from real fruit which will imply that Dole is 100% real fruit. If you decide to use animation, it is acceptable to use only illustrations/sketches of the ENTIRE/WHOLE fruit and NOT fruits which are cut or sliced into pieces.

Duration of entry should be no more than 30 seconds in length.

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#1 Prize:
€12,000 (aprox $12,700 USD)

#2 Prize:
€6,000 (aprox $6,400 USD)

#3 Prize:
€2,000 (aprox $2,100 USD)

Open to all Eyeka community members (it's free to register!). Entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to participate.

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