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Communicate that special something which is 'Made of happy!'
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Due September 3rd, 2017 - Kinder is getting ready to celebrate its 50th anniversary and wants to celebrate all its beloved customers, old and young, long-term or brand new.

Since the beginning, Kinder is committed to inspire simple and authentic moments of togetherness between adults, kids and teens, who sometimes need a little reminding of their childlike delight. For Kinder, happiness & joy are key to child’s growth.

In 2018, Kinder will celebrate this important landmark of its history with all the consumers that are Made of Happy, the motto of the campaign. During the whole year, Kinder, a brand that knows kids’ desires, wants to make dreams of consumers come true, no matter if they are 5 or 50 y.o. Kinder will invite consumers to make a wish and aim to make it come true.

There is no better way for Kinder to celebrate its anniversary, than through the happiness celebrations of their brand lovers. Participate with a video aimed to celebrate this 50th anniversary and be part of it!

What does “Made of happy” mean?” There is some sense of play and innocence in discovering new things. Something that is contagious and powerful, something that we don’t want to forget when we grow up. This “something” is…

Made of happy!

True, authentic happiness, even for a very small thing, is contagious.

If it involves a child, then happiness can…. become truly viral, and make the most beautiful and unexpected things happen.

Show this special “something” which is made of happiness.

• It can be something that starts a happiness chain.

• It can start from an adult or from a child. The important thing is that it always involves children and their world.

• It can be a wish, expressed with a child’s sparkling eyes, for themselves of for someone else. In this case, the wish should end with a candle blowing or just closing eyes and smiling. No lanterns, dandelions or other symbols.

• It can be a moment or someone “made of happy”, that makes…everything possible. Problems become surprises, limits become discovery and the unexpected can happen because…

You choose what story to tell and how to show it. Unleash your creativity with the best possible videos to express the happiness Kinder has been wishing for all children over the last 50 years.

Entries should be between 15 to 40 seconds.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


First Selected Video
€8000 (approx. $8,900 USD)

Second Selected Video
€3000 (approx. $3,300 USD)

Third thru Twenty-Second Selected Video
€1000 (approx. $1,100 USD)

Twenty-Third thru Thirtieth Selected Video
€500 (approx. $550 USD)


Open to Userfarm community members (it's free to register), ages 18 and older.

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