Seed&Spark 'Hometown Heroes' Campaign
Get your film produced by the Duplass Brothers!
$25,000 + Your film produced by the Duplass Brothers!
All Ages

Due September 12th, 2017 - Great stories happen everywhere. And great films can be made anywhere. Enter Hometown Heroes: a crowdfunding rally looking for the next generation of filmmakers making movies with local community and resources: talent, locations, production houses, and partners.

To participate, launch a crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark for a narrative feature film in your hometown, and start building your audience. Your “hometown” can be where you’re from, or the town or city you currently call home. Your campaign must raise at least $7,500 in cash & you must gather at least 500 campaign followers on Seed&Spark by October 13, 2017. Campaigns can be for any phase of filmmaking, from development through post. You must also post 2 project updates a week during your 30-day crowdfunding campaign; at least 1 update during the campaign must contain video content original to the campaign. All campaigns must run from September 12 - October 13, 2017. You must submit your campaign for review by August 25, 2017.

Finalists will be announced on October 16. If you are a finalist, you’ll have 10 days to prepare a 30-second video pitch to The Duplass Brothers about how much of $25,000 your project should receive, and why The Duplass Brothers should executive produce your film. Up to 5 campaigns may receive the grand prize, and ALL participants will receive personalized local crew concierge from Cinematcher.

In addition to the grand prize, Seed&Spark partnered with film commissions, brands and organizations all across the country to provide local prizes covering everything from funding to marketing, which will be awarded throughout the rally based on audience support.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Grand Prize:
 - $25,000
 - Your film executive produced by the Duplass Brothers
 - 16TB hard drive from G-Tech

ALL filmmakers who gather 500 or more followers are eligible for the Filmmaker Gift Box, worth over $9,000 in production, post, distribution and marketing perks, as well as festival fee waivers. They also become eligible for the additional funds and distribution from the Seed&Spark Seed Fund.

Open to all.

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