Job Today 'Dream Employee' Video Project
Show how the Job Today app revolutionizes recruitment in the UK.
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Due September 17th, 2017 - JOB TODAY is the UK’s #1 hiring app. It’s where thousands of restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars and shops find new staff every day. Show how the app revolutionizes recruitment through unique features such as chat or video cover letter. Your dream employee ... in a heartbeat!

Unleash your imagination and show in a video of up to 45 seconds the next generation of employers and candidates.

“Welcome to the world of no hassle, super quick recruitment. Finding great staff for your business has never been easier. It only takes a few steps to get set up, and you're ready to start hiring.”

JOB TODAY is the UK’s #1 hiring app. It’s where thousands of restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars and shops find new staff every day. With unique features such as Video Cover Letters and chat functionality, JOB TODAY offers businesses, large and small, the fastest hiring tool on the market.

Job Seekers that use the JOB TODAY app will always hear back within 24 hours. Employers and candidates can get the conversation going in seconds. Job Seekers can apply for a job with a single tap. Uniquely, they can also apply for a job via Video Cover Letter by shooting a 30 second video directly in the app.

Every day JOB TODAY is helping people find awesome new jobs; and companies find great staff. A job brings a pay cheque…but it also brings back self-esteem and dignity to people.

Job Today's easy to use platform empowers employers to take ownership of their hiring and connect with jobseekers in the fastest and most efficient way possible. They have focused on building a market leading mobile app to create a unique hiring solution that offers an unrivalled modern solution for hiring great staff quickly. Features like in-app chat and Video Cover Letters allow the Employers to find the most suitable candidates for their roles - super quickly.

Your dream employee… in a heartbeat!

How great is it to have a dream team working with you? All you have to do is think about what kind of people you need, and with JOB TODAY, before you know it, you can be chatting to them. Job Today is the new generation employers’ superpower. Imagine a 35 year-old guy, busy, practical, a problem solver. They want to get to the heart of the problem and figure out the solution asap.

JOB TODAY’s latest feature allows Job Seekers to upload their video cv - the best possible way to identify and get in touch instantly with your dream employee! Unleash your imagination, and be as creative as you can. This is an innovative business, be dynamic and fun. You can focus on those who still have to discover Job Today.

You don’t have to show the app in the videos, as long as you can communicate the main benefit: To find the best possible employee, in the fastest possible way! If you want to talk about the video cv, you can download some graphics here. You are free to use them or to choose a more metaphorical approach, you decide!

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First Selected Video
€5000 (approx. $5,700 USD)

Second Selected Video
€3000 (approx. $3,400 USD)

Third Selected Video
€2000 (approx. $2,300 USD)

Open to Userfarm community members (it's free to register), ages 18 and older.

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