Carlsberg Group Let it Surprise You Video Project
Amazing new video contest launched by Calsberg Group!

Due September 14th, 2017 - 1664 is a French brand created in 1952, belonging to Kronenbourg SAS (Carlsberg group) 1664, what is it? Four numbers. One date. A big French beer… Who doesn’t know 1664 ? You know its taste off by heart. Actually, it has been present in our lives for so long that most people don’t notice it any more.

The product’s taste is subtle and unique. It gives you a little extra sensation, a fine bitterness and a delicious freshness. 1664 is a beer you know, and yet you don’t really know: it’s a beer to be discovered all over again.

The beer market is experiencing an evolution of consumption and perceptions. Alcohol-free beers are booming. So after the international success of its reference product 1664 Blanc, and its iconic blue bottle, this year 1664 launched 1664 Blanc Sans Alcool (1664 White Alcohol-Free.)

It is 1664 Blanc’s unique, subtle taste in an alcohol-free version, offers privileged moments for you and your friends. More than a white beer it’s an alcohol-free beer with a subtle and refined taste, to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

The blue bottle is ready to be rediscovered and to surprise you!

Call to Action : Let it surprise you !

1664 Blanc Sans Alcool is the perfect alcohol-free version of the iconic 1664 Blanc. In its unique blue bottle, it’s the perfect drink to enjoy: with a subtle and refined taste...it’s incredibly good! Let it surprise you !

Show how the product can be fresh, thanks to its zesty taste and how this iconic bottle can add flavour to many occasions...anywhere you want.

After lunch, after work, on a relaxing summer afternoon! Your video will be the driver for all beer, and 1664 lovers especially, to discover 1664 Blanc Sans Alcool: the delicious 1664 Blanc white beer, in its alcohol-free version.

You choose how to bring this amazing product to life: animation, stop motion, or just a video where the bottle is creatively shown (PLEASE DO NOT HUMANIZE IT)

If you live in Europe and need it to be sent over to you, please let Userfarm know asap.

Remember that the product must look blue. If it looks green due to the light, remove the beer and replace it with water so that it looks blue.

Please note that:
 -They are focusing on the product 1664 Blanc Sans Alcool, please do not focus on 1664.
 -There’s no need to say it’s alcohol-free, just show the label in the best possible way
 -Please make sure that the branding appears in the first 3 seconds
 -The 1664 Blanc Sans Alcool blue bottle must appear as unique, desirable and modern
 -The product can be tasted at any time of the day: before lunch, in the late afternoon or early evening.
 -The video must be product-centred, please do not show any person/character unless it is a professional brewer or barman.

Important: Please keep in mind that: Alcoholic brands in France are subject to the Evin law. Please note that “Alcohol Free” is an appellation. The product does contain 0.5° of alcohol. The product 1664 Blanc Sans Alcool being linked to an alcohol brand, the following rules apply to this product as well:

 - Avoid associating alcohol, or the product with a seductive, attractive, funny, or sportive life
 - Avoid seducing young people, inciting them to consume
 - Avoid associating alcohol and sport
 - Avoid associating work and/or driving with alcohol
 - Avoid representing famous characters for an activity that has no link with the alcoholic product
 - Avoid using a subjective tone (over-promotion)
 - Avoid using emotion, desire, envy
 - Avoid references to escapism, dreaming, elitism, universality, cosmopolitanism
 - Avoid references to virility, courage, necessity

There should be no voiceover, & no dialogue. Entries should be 10 seconds in length. The first 3 seconds will be key to engage the audience and create curiosity.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


First Place
€5000 (approx. $5,900 USD)

Second Place
€3000 (approx. $3,500 USD)

Third Place
€2000 (approx. $2,400 USD)

Open to Userfarm community members (it's free to register), ages 18 and older.

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