AdvantEDGE Lean 15 Recipe Video Series
Show how AdvantEDGE Lean 15 Protein Powder helps manage hunger.

Due November 14th, 2017 - Produce an energetic and creative series of short Recipe Videos that demonstrate how people can incorporate AdvantEDGE Lean 15 Protein Powder into meals to help manage hunger and Get Lean + Toned.

Exercise may already be a part of the routine, but fitness doesn’t end there – when you’re looking to get lean and toned you also need to invest time in the kitchen, to manage nutrition with smart meal planning and food prep. It’s not always easy though, and everyone’s got busy lives, so EAS AdvantEDGE is there to help with Lean 15, a satisfying high-protein powder that can be mixed into snacks to help manage hunger, calories, and carbs. It only takes 15 minutes to whip up something tasty, and with 15g of protein, only 90 calories, less than a gram of sugar, and 5g of fiber, Lean 15 can help active dieters feel fuller longer, and be at their best.

This begs the question, what do you make with Lean 15? EAS is looking to you to answer that, with a series of energetic and creative recipe videos for Facebook and Instagram about delicious snacks that incorporate Lean 15. Originality and creativity are key here – we’ve all seen plenty of recipe videos, so EAS wants something really fresh that can be ownable for the brand. That might even mean stop-motion animation - they’re open to different interpretations, and they’ll provide the recipes, so you just need to provide the vision and the production expertise.

Here is a rundown of the project:
This project will consistent of two main Phases: the Pitch Phase, and the Video Phase.
For the Pitch Phase, you don’t need to select any particular recipes – you just need to lay out your creative vision for an original and creative recipe video.
Recipes have been provided by EAS and are available in the Assets section if you want to review in advance of pitching.
Your recipe videos should be delivered in 1:1 aspect ratio for Facebook & Instagram, and you should not rely on sound alone to communicate any important information.
Although they want something original and creative, your video still needs to get the job done as a recipe video, with clearly defined ingredients and directions for each step.
Your Videos must incorporate the Brand and the Product at least one time, and they should always end with a branded element, along with the tagline “Get Lean + Toned” or call to action "Take 15. Get Lean."
In addition to your Recipe Videos, you’ll need to provide a GIF for each video (8 total), along with 3 Still Photos per video (24 total)
A Food Stylist is required, and we’d recommend including your top choice for a food stylist in your Treatment.

The goal is to create an energetic, fresh, and engaging Series of eight 30-60-second Recipe Videos for Facebook and Instagram that demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate AdvantEDGE Lean 15 into meals and snacks, to help people manage hunger and Get Lean + Toned. Each of your Videos should be accompanied by one GIF, and three Still Photos. EAS has provided recipes, which are available and included in the Assets section.

In terms of inspiration, check out some of the direct competition so you know what’s been done: Tasty videos are a classic jumping off point, and represent one potential approach; you can also look at these Questify videos, which bring more style to the format. These are NOT the only directions open to you, and while the EAS team does want you to use some overhead shots and incorporate all recipe steps in a clear and concise way, they are open to different creative styles, so think about what you’d do differently to stand out, and know that they’re looking for your ability to execute a repeatable format in an inspiring, clean, modern, healthy, and energetic tone.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Pitch Awards (Due 11/14/17)
The one most compelling Pitch will be selected and, upon submitting the Winner’s Affidavit and the IP Assignment, will receive $14,000 to help create the Videos. Additionally, upon submitting Videos that satisfy the criteria laid out in your winning Pitch, you will also be GUARANTEED an additional $14,000.

Pre-Production (Due 12/1/17)
The Pitch Winner from the Pitch Phase will enter the Pre-Production Phase. During this phase, filmmakers will need to receive approvals from the brand.

Required Approvals:

Video Awards (Due 12/19/17)
The Winner will create eight episodes for the Series, including eight 1:1 GIF cut-downs, and 24 still images (3 per video). The Winner of the Video Phase will earn $14,000. There are no residuals on this project.

Revisions (Due 1/16/17)
Once the Video Phase has closed, the winning submitters will enter the Revisions Phase. During this phase, filmmakers will perform reasonable edits on their Videos according to the Sponsor’s feedback. Once the Videos are finalized, the Sponsor will rank the Videos and winners will be announced.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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