Gillette 'The Best a Man Can Get' Video Contest
Give meaning back to Gillette’s promise 'the best a man can get'.
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Due February 15th, 2018 - What comes to mind when someone says “The Best a Man Can Get”? Unless you’ve been living on Mars, hopefully, Gillette. Their classic tagline has been a part of pop culture since the ‘80s—here’s your chance to join be a part of that culture.

In this brand new challenge, they ask you to give meaning back to Gillette’s promise “the best a man can get” in a way that is authentic to the younger generation of men. The idea is ideally expressed in a video of 20" to 30” max. and/or in a print format. The execution should explain why a consumer should choose Gillette as a product or as a brand creating an emotional connection with millennials.

Gillette is the leading brand on the Blades and Razors category. It operates in more than 170 markets and serves more than 800 MM men. The promise to them is to deliver the best shave—ever. The legacy of precision began with one man, King C. Gillette who created his first safety razor blade in 1900 to bring the qualities of the barber’s shave into the home. He endeavored to keep improving his designs and products until no further improvement was possible.

The evolution of men’s razors has outlived King Gillette and is still continued by the company that bears his name. His vision has inspired more than 100 years of innovation to bring men the best shave in the world. Gillette’s story is a relentless quest for perfection. It encompasses a passion for science and technology. But first and foremost, thorough understanding of men. As technology advances and men progress, so too do our razors, trimmers, shaving gels and foams and other grooming products

Gillette’s precision and quest for perfection is at the core of the brand tagline ‘Gillette the Best a Man Can Get™’, that was born in the 80s with a famous advert. In the past, this motto was embodied by Global Sports Ambassadors. These advertising campaigns are still remembered up to the generation X. The objective of the new Gillette the best a man can get™ to have the same impact with the younger generation.

The brand has recently started supporting the world of eSports (League of Legends, competitive gaming) and can count on some of the best football stars in the world like Neymar, Antoine Griezmann, Robert Lewandowski. Although you can’t use their testimonials in your submissions, you can take inspiration from the worlds of egames and football in your submissions.

Create print ad or 20-30 second video that are able to reinforce the meaning of Gillette’s promise “The best a man can get” and to make it meaningful to younger generation of men.

You can choose to do this in two ways:
    *Convincing Consumers that Gillette offers superior quality blades: While a rising number of competitors have entered the shaving market, focusing their communication on absolute price gap vs. Gillette, Gillette’s focus remains on superior value & quality. Over a century, Gillette’s technical mastery and endeavor have created the best shaving products, testing our cartridges before they exit own manufacturing plants, so that consumers gets every day the best quality they deserve.

    *Getting Millennials to love Gillette as an authentic brand.

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1st Place Award: 8,000€ (Approx. $9,400)
2nd Place Award: 4,000€ (Approx. $4,700)
3rd Place Award: 2,000€ (Approx. $2,400)
4th Place Award: 1,000€ (Approx. $1,200)

1st Place Award: 2,000€ (Approx. $2,400)
2nd Place Award: 1,500€ (Approx. $1,800)
3rd Place Award: 1,000€ (Approx. $1,200)
4th Place Award: 500€ (Approx. $600)

*All compensation will be paid net of withholding tax of 25%.

Open to Zooppa community members (it's free to join!), ages 14 and older.

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