International Videomaking Price 'Antonio Forlini'
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Due March 7th, 2018 - The Interamnia World Cup sports and cultural association, in collaboration with the University of Teramo, proclaim the first edition of the Videomaking International Award dedicated to the memory of Antonio Forlini, one of the founding fathers of the Interamnia Cup, tireless animator and reference point of the manifestation, recently disappeared after a long illness.

The Interamnia World Cup is an international youth handball tournament that, since 1973, is held uninterruptedly in the city of Teramo and its province. In its 45 years of activity, the event has set itself as a point of reference for sport promotion and as an example of territorial marketing thanks to the organization of cultural collateral events, gaining numerous recognitions and the definition in 2002 by the Interantional Handball Federation, as the “World’s Important Youth Handball Tournament”.

Themes for the realization of the videoclip will have, as matter of reference, the values of sport as a formative and educational moment of the person; the great sports events taken as an examples of territorial marketing and revival of the territory; sociological aspects of plurilingualism and pluriculturalism linked to an international tournament such as the Interamnia World Cup; the organization of big events related to the management of sport and the training (educational view) of young people.

Two Categories:
Amateurs: to all those (especially the young athletes in Teramo during the tournament) who, with smartphones, cameras and amateur instruments, will tell ( with a video-clip ) about the week of the event, telling about its atmosphere and experience lived through the sport and cultural events, during the tournament.

Professionals: to filmmakers and reporters who will propose works made with professional tools on the above-mentioned award themes.

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Amateur Winner:
Hospitality in teramo during the interamnia world cup ( teramo 5-11 july 2018 ), with the opportunity to attend and participate in all the activities of the event.

Professional Winner:
€1,000 (Approx. $1,200 USD)

Open to all.

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