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Hello Mark,

Thank you so much for the comment. I just read it today.
Anyway thank you for your advises. I will consider all of it once I make a new videos for the contest.

Diana G (3 years 3 months ago)
Mark D
Dallas, TX
Hey Diana,

Sorry about the late reply, I read your comment and totally spaced. I used a Canon T2i and Adobe Premier for editing. You can get Premier for $22 a month. Both are relatively cheap, but you can go Cell Phone and imovie for free, if you're just getting started out. I'm not sure where you are in your film making career. So I try to cover everything I can think of.

For my shots, I did a lot of close ups of hands and paper folding. I feel like close ups are inherently cinematic and for editing you have more things to cut away to, generally you want to make a cut about every 4 or 5 seconds so the viewer doesn't get bored. I also shot it "flat" which makes the video look dull and grey, but that's so you can manipulate the color and contrast more in editing. If you set your camera to make the video to look bright and beautiful, you'll have less color range to play with in post.

Once we filmed it, I did the voice over on Blue mic which is usually used for podcast and such. I kept the voice over short, simple and to the point. Which worked for what I was going for. If you don't have access to mic like that. Just record it with whatever you got and there's audio editing tools in Premier to make it sound cleaner.

Finally came the song. Which I got from https://incompetech.com/ it's full of free royalty free music you can use in contest. I just looked for a song that best fit the mood of the video, which was a little tricky for this type of sweet video, not to make it cheesy or at least not too cheesy. haha.

I feel like my style in film making is a little like cooking. I just mix stuff together, taste it, see what it needs and go from there. It doesn't always work out. Sometimes it taste bad and there's nothing you can really do to fix it. That's usually because of poor planning. haha. The best advice I can give is to do as many videos as possible and you learn with every video you make. There's also a ton of resources out there to help you out. Here's a youtube channel I like a lot, mainly because of the guys positive attitude.


Thanks for the congrats and I wish you well in future video making,

Mark D (3 years 3 months ago)
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