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Unleash Your Creativity in Video Matsuri Contest

September 07, 20232 min read

Are you passionate about Japanese culture and language? Do you have a knack for storytelling through video? If so, the "Video Matsuri" contest, brought to you by the Japan Foundation, Sydney, is your chance to shine! Unleash your creativity, craft a captivating video, and celebrate the beauty of the Japanese language and culture.

Contest Requirements:

Eligibility: The Video Matsuri contest is open to learners of the Japanese language at various levels, from beginners to advanced students. There are different categories based on your proficiency, so everyone can participate.

Video Length: Your video should be no longer than five minutes in duration. This challenges you to convey your message concisely and effectively.

Language: The primary language of your video should be Japanese, showcasing your language skills. However, it is acceptable to include English subtitles for clarity.

Theme: Each year, the Video Matsuri contest features a specific theme related to Japanese culture or language. Be sure to incorporate the theme into your video's content.

Submission: Submissions are typically made through the official Video Matsuri contest website. Detailed instructions on how to submit your video will be provided on the website. Ensure to submit before September 22, 2023.


Winners of the Video Matsuri contest can look forward to exciting prizes, including:

  • Scholarships: Some categories offer scholarships for language study or cultural programs in Japan. These scholarships provide valuable opportunities for learners to further immerse themselves in Japanese culture.

  • Cultural Experiences: Winners may receive tickets to cultural events, workshops, or performances related to Japan, allowing them to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture.

  • Recognition: Winning videos are showcased on the Japan Foundation, Sydney's website and social media platforms, giving you exposure within the Japanese learning community.

Judging Criteria:

Entries are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to Theme: How effectively does the video address the contest's theme, and is it incorporated seamlessly into the storyline?

  • Language Proficiency: Are Japanese language skills demonstrated clearly and impressively?

  • Creativity and Originality: Is the video's concept fresh and imaginative? Does it engage the audience effectively?

  • Production Quality: How well is the video shot, edited, and produced in terms of technical aspects?

  • Impact: Does the video leave a lasting impression on viewers? Does it evoke emotions or inspire appreciation for Japanese culture and language?


The Video Matsuri contest by the Japan Foundation, Sydney, is a fantastic opportunity for Japanese language learners to showcase their skills and creativity while celebrating the richness of Japanese culture. With scholarships, cultural experiences, and recognition on the line, it's a chance not to be missed. So, grab your camera, channel your inner filmmaker, and be ready to tell your unique Japanese language story. Stay updated with the latest contest details and themes, and let your passion for Nihongo shine brightly! Visit to learn more.

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